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Sustainability English


We can't no longer ignore it. More and more companies and brands are becoming more sustainable to reduce their impact on the environment. Today's consumers are increasingly aware of the impact the clothing industry has on the environment and expect companies to be committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Tramontana has made the choice for 2020 to make various materials more sustainable. For example, in the March, July and September collections we work with a sustainable type of viscose, namely EcoVero. In addition, we work with  recycled polyester in the September collection.


EcoVero is produced by Lenzing, the leading producer of the cellulose fiber. The EcoVero viscose has the same lightness, shine and comfortable portability as the conventional viscose, but is a lot better for people and the environment. EcoVero is made from sustainable wood, from controlled sources that are FSC or PEFC certified in Europe. The cellulose fiber is produced through an environmentally friendly process that is characterized by the "closed loop" system. Almost all chemicals and water used during the production of EcoVero are stored and reused. Compared to the production of normal viscose, EcoVero produces 50 percent less emissions and uses less energy and water. In addition, the bleaching of the pulp is 100 percent chlorine-free.


Recycled polyester
Recycled polyester is polyester that is reused. From old polyester clothing or PET bottles, new fibers are made by means of a sustainable production process, from which a new polyester fabric is created. The advantage of recycled polyester is that it does not involve any heavy raw materials, such as the regular polyester process. In addition, energy and water consumption is much lower.

Special hangtag
All items from the March collection, which are made from sustainable EcoVero or contain recycled polyester, can be recognized by a special hangtag.


EcoVero production proces


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